To Our Shareholders and Investors

  • It has been almost 30 years since Japan’s declining birthrate and aging population came under public attention, and the country’s working-age population continues to decline and the aging rate continues to rise. In addition, Japan’s labor productivity ranking in international comparisons of OECD member countries has been declining, and improving labor productivity has become an urgent social issue.

    We are committed to addressing these social issues under our mission of "Making Everyone a Creator". We feel that our company’s major mission is to face these social issues head-on and solve "productivity innovation" with the power of technology under our mission "Let Everyone Be Creative".

    Since its launch in 2010, "Team Spirit" has been supported by many customers, and as of the end of November 2023, it has been used by 1,800 companies and more than 450,000 IDs, with more than 1,800 companies using it. Since its launch in 2010, the service has been supported by many customers and has grown to become a business platform with more than 1,800 companies and 450,000 ID licenses as of the end of November 2023.

    In addition, our mid-term management goals for the fiscal year ending August 31, 2026 are to achieve an ARR of at least 7 billion yen and an operating margin of at least 15%. In order to achieve these goals, we recognize the importance of expanding our enterprise business, launching new functions and new businesses that will enable us to increase the unit cost per user, and improving management efficiency.

    The core functions of "Team Spirit", such as attendance and man-hour functions, have maintained a high growth rate in the highly demanding enterprise market due to their high functionality and stability. Our most important strategy is to further accelerate the development of the enterprise market by strengthening our industry strategy and partner alliance strategy. We will also focus more on cultivating our second and third business pillars.

    Our efforts are not limited to simply improving the working environment for our customers, but also aim to enhance the competitiveness of companies and achieve "productivity innovation" for Japanese society as a whole. Together with our like-minded colleagues, we will do our utmost to address these social issues in the spirit of "One Team Spirit" and work together with our stakeholders to achieve sustainable development.

    Kazuyoshi Michishita