Make Everyone
an Innovator

The world changes when creativity is sparked.
TeamSpirit continually creates opportunities to make a difference.


Stronger Individuals.
Stronger Teams.

Give every individual the fuel to thrive.
Stronger individuals build resilient teams.

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"Workstyle Reform" Platform
chosen by companies who challenge the changes

You may find that TeamSpirit provides a series of services around the platform.

A cloud service to integrate attendance management, Time Tracking, and other daily functions for workers and collect workstyle data without hassle to the workers. This achieves real-time visibility on how everyone works.

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A project cost management service that works with "TeamSpirit". This service helps executives and managers make decisions more quickly for manpower-intensive projects.

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A service that integrates "TeamSpirit" with human resource management. TeamSpirit HR digitalizes human resource information and makes it possible for employees themselves to register and revise information. This helps the platform streamline administrative operations and implement strategic human resource management.

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Individual Number Engine works with the human resource management service "TeamSpirit HR". The engine can extract Individual Numbers from employee information to store them separately, mask, encrypt, or tokenize the numbers, and more.

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Provide services to
contribute to people
and companies who challenge the changes

TeamSpirit recruits various talents such as new graduates, experienced professionals, engineers,
MBA graduates, and disabled persons.

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About TeamSpirit
Learn more about our vision and underlying values, company profile, access information, and others.

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