Make everyone a creator

The world changes when creativity is sparked.
TeamSpirit continually creates opportunities to make a difference.


Stronger Individuals.
Stronger Teams.

Give every individual the fuel to thrive.
Stronger individuals build resilient teams.


Building a society
where everyone is creative and enjoys working.

To compete with machinery, or to master it?

Remarkable advances in AI, IoT, and robotics have brought a great wave of change that might even be called a new Industrial Revolution. Some people might fear that this change will cause them to lose their jobs, or feel a vague anxiety about ominous sci-fi concepts like the singularity.

However, we feel optimistic about change. We believe that in the future it will be important to master machinery rather than compete with it. Simple repetitive work and past analysis can be left to machines while we think about how to build tomorrow. Our unique fantasies and visions will become jobs. How exciting to think that this ideal future is around the corner.

A team where everyone is a hero

What does “work” mean to you?
We believe that to “work” is to “contribute to society”. In other words, it means always being needed by society.

From our past experience being entrusted with development, we have learned that customers do not simply want a program that is made exactly to their demands; rather, they are looking for a service that even they did not realize they wanted. This caused us to think seriously about what makes an ideal society, and we made a bold change of direction toward SaaS (Software as a Service: provision of IT services through the Internet) activities to create services needed by society.

Put simply, our ideal workstyle is to have a team where everyone acts as a hero or heroine. These kinds of teams are common in TV shows, comics, sports, and even pop groups, but as of yet cannot be found in many workplaces. That is why we developed TeamSpirit as a tool to make such a team possible.

TeamSpirit collects the activities of workers in a log to provide visibility on how they work, and to show what their important activities are and whether they are prioritizing their time toward those important activities.

Continue being a customer service company that offers new values.

However, we have just gotten started on activities to improve worker performance. Using feedback from all of our customers, we will work to improve regular functions and ask for further evaluation. This positive cycle will keep TeamSpirit a constantly high-functioning and easy to use service.

We expect that with further advancements in AI and IoT, TeamSpirit will one day become a supportive assistant the likes of R2-D2. Until that day comes, we intend to continue being a customer service company that is needed by society and offers new values.

We look forward to your continued support and guidance.

August 22, 2018
Koji Ogishima, CEO


  • CEO Koji Ogishima

    Founded our company in 1996, and planned and developed “TeamSpirit”, a platform for workstyle reform, to start SaaS business in 2011. Previously, as an independent contractor, he was engaged in developing packaged applications for financial institutions and operational risk consulting in Toshiba Corporation and Toshiba Solution Corporation.

  • Executive Vice President Hidenobu Masuyama

    He has served as a full-time director since September 2012 after he become a part-time director in September 2011. Previously, he spent his career at SunBridge Inc. and Ernst & Young after he joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture Japan Ltd.) in 1993.

  • Director, Service Development Yosuke Arimoto

    He has developed a Japanese language morphological analysis engine, email transfer engine for email delivery ASP, and more. He spent his career at A-Care Systems, Inc. and others. He graduated in information engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1987.

  • Director, Solution Sales & Service Kazunari Miyahara

    He has served as a director since November 2017, after joining us in February 2016. He joined Microsoft Co., Ltd. (now Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.) in 1998 and engaged in sales for large corporates and solution sales management.

  • Director (Outside) Kenji Miyako

    Certified Public Tax Accountant. He has also served as an auditor of GLOBIS Corporation, istyle Inc., and Trenders, Inc., and a representative director of K.K.ALTAS. He established Miyako Accounting Firm and became the director in 1989. He joined the Arthur Andersen CPA firm in 1983.

  • Director (Outside) Katsunori Fruichi

    He became a president and representative director of Box Japan in 2013. Previously, he was CEO and others of VeriSign Japan K.K.(now DigiCert Japan G.K.). He joined Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation in 1985.

  • Full-time Auditor (Outside) Yuji Takayasu

    Certified Public Accountant and Certified Public Tax Accountant. He established the Takayasu CPA firm and became the director in 2004. Previously, he joined Inoue Saito Eiwa Audit Corporation (now KPMG AZSA LLC) in 1993.

  • Auditor (Outside) Masahiro Ito

    He has worked at City Lights Law since December 2017 and been a partner of Uchida & Samejima Law Firm since January 2013. He was registered as a lawyer in 2008 after the entrance to Hitotsubashi University School of Law in 2004. Previously, he worked at Skylight Consulting Inc. He joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture Japan Ltd.) in 1996.

  • Auditor (external) Makiko Nakamori

    Certified Public Accountant and Certified Public Tax Accountant. She established the Nakamori CPA firm and became the director in 1997. Previously, she worked at Inoue Saito Eiwa Audit Corporation (now KPMG AZSA LLC). She joined Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation in 1987.


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