TeamSpirit Inc. as a cloud service provider for attendance management, working management, Expense management, Time Tracking (project cost management), online approval workflowI and other daily functions for workers, considers the protection of personal information to be our most important and basic social responsibility. We have established a Personal Information Protection Policy in compliance with the relevant laws, which it observes consistently and improves continually.

  1. We make certain that our directors and all other related persons understand the importance of personal information, and we continually educate, monitor and review to that end.
  2. Obtaining personal information only with the individual’s consent is our guiding principle.
  3. TeamSpirit does not obtain personal information by any improper means.
  4. TeamSpirit clearly establishes the purposes of use of personal information to the extent required to conduct business only, and gathers, uses and provides personal information appropriately.
    Personal information that has been collected is used only for the specified purpose and only to the extent required to conduct business by authorized staff, and measures are in place to prevent the use of personal information for any other purpose.
  5. TeamSpirit maintains accurate and up-to-date personal information, and makes the utmost efforts to prevent and to rectify inappropriate access to, or loss, destruction, alteration or disclosure of personal information.
  6. To partially or totally outsource handling of personal information to third parties, TeamSpirit strictly inspects the third parties and exercises a necessary and appropriate supervision on the third parties to ensure safe protection of the outsourced personal information.
  7. TeamSpirit responds quickly and in good faith to customers’ personal information related inquiries and requests for disclosure.
    TeamSpirit uses personal information only for the purposes specified by the customer.
    In addition, TeamSpirit does not disclose or provide personal information received by the customer to any third party except with the customer’s consent or for a valid reason.
  8. TeamSpirit observes the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and all other related laws, statutes, regulations and guidelines established by the Japanese government.
  9. TeamSpirit has established a Personal Information Protection Management System which it observes consistently and improves constantly.
  10. TeamSpirit has established a Claims and Inquiries Desk to deal with the handling and protection of personal information.
  11. Information related to an inquiry or request will not be disclosed to anyone other than the person who made the request or inquiry.
  12. In principle, all contact with the customer making the request or inquiry will be made to the contact on record only.
  13. TeamSpirit takes responsibility for the storage of records received in customer inquiries and requests, as well as their disposal.

Effective date: May 20, 2009
Latest revision: April 1, 2016
Kazuyoshi Michishita, CEO
TeamSpirit Inc.