Management Information

“Work Style Reform” Platform

Under the mission of “Make Everyone an Innovator,” we are a SaaS*1 company providing “TeamSpirit” series that put together functions all employees use on a daily basis, such as attendance management, man-hour management, expense reporting, and electronic approval.

*1 Abbreviation for Software as a Service, which is a service that allows users to use software on a cloud server via the Internet.

The “TeamSpirit” series provides functions such as attendance management, man-hour management, expense reporting, and electronic approval that all employees use on a daily basis as ERP frontware*2 as a subscription-type cloud service. In addition to improving convenience with an excellent UI, it also contributes to the promotion of remote work as a cloud service that can be used anywhere. In addition, by visualizing and analyzing daily activity data, it contributes improving the productivity of employees and teams.

*2 ERP frontware is a word created by us that refers to business systems that have a data entry function to ERP. It is the system that the users input and operate attendance management, man-hour management, and expense reporting which is located on the front side of ERP from the users’ point of view.

The “TeamSpirit” series has two products, “TeamSpirit” and “TeamSpirit EX”. We started full-scale sales of “Team Spirit EX” for enterprise companies in March 2021, and we are developing these products with different characteristics according to the size of targeted companies.

Optional Products of “TeamSpirit” Series

− TeamSpirit Leaders

It is a project cost management system used in cooperation with “TeamSpirit”. In a project-type business where the cost consists mainly of the work time of employees, it is possible to create a man-hour plan and an estimate and manage differences between actual costs and plans by comparing with the actual man-hours registered in “TeamSpirit”. It supports the rapid decision-making of managers and management team.

− TeamSpirit PSA

It is a talent assignment system used in cooperation with “TeamSpirit EX”. It is linked in real time with the attendance management, man-hour management, and expense reporting information registered in “TeamSpirit EX”. In professional services*3 companies that provide high-value-added services through human resources and companies that promote project-based work styles, it supports the enhancement of productivity and the optimization of human resources assignment.

*3 Businesses such as consulting, Sler, system / software development, game / web content development, professionals, etc.

Professional Services

Our “TeamSpirit” series is designed so that user companies can carry out from installation to operation by themselves. On the other hand, customers with little IT knowledge are also introducing with the spread of SaaS. Our consultants provide professional services to support and solve the user companies’ issues such as wanting to reach a reliable production on the target date, wanting to minimize the load on the person in charge of introduction, and lacking human resources for system setting at the operation stage and layout creation of new forms.

For details of each product, please see our product website.